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The AeroPress® travel coffee maker is designed for anyone with an active lifestyle. It offers coffee lovers everything they need to conveniently prepare premium coffee anywhere. Like the AeroPress® Original, the AeroPress® Go delivers the same great taste and makes American style coffee, espresso and cold brew as well.

Delicious coffee anywhere: it quickly prepares excellent coffee, with a clean taste without acidity or deposits. Go is optimized for travel, camping, hiking, boating... It also quickly frees you from hotel coffee!

Compact design and included cup: Includes a cup and lid that doubles as a travel case, so you can brew coffee anywhere. You also clean and pack it quickly.

Prepare an espresso or an American coffee: you can prepare from one to three cups of delicious coffee with one press. The AeroPress® can also prepare cold coffee, the so-called cold brew, and it can also make extended coffee, known as American coffee.

The package contains:

  • AeroPress® chamber and piston
  • A cup with a lid
  • Microfilters
  • Filter storage box
  • Filter holder
  • Stirring stick
  • Scooper
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