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Buono copper watering can, 0.9 l

Buono copper watering can, 0.9 l

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Hario Copper Buono Kettle - a new version of the Hario copper watering can.

It differs from the previous version in that it has a silicone-coated handle. Due to its precision, it is particularly useful for preparing coffee with alternative methods such as Dripper, Chemex or Aeropress.

Its thin profiled spout allows full control over pouring, the silicone coating insulates the hot handle - it can get hot when you use the kettle intensively without a break. Due to its minimalistic and industrial design and precise pouring, the Buono kettle definitely stands out from other kettles.

The robust copper design, nickel-plated interior, brass handle and wooden lid handle give the Copper Buono watering can an elegant look and make it yours for years to come.

The appearance and functionality of the classic Buono steel water infuser were appreciated in 2009 at the international fair World Tea Expo, where it received the first prize for the best new product. The watering can is compatible with all hobs except induction.

Total volume: 900 ml

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