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Camry espresso machine with several different capsules

Camry espresso machine with several different capsules

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Advantages and features

Coffee machine with several capsules
9 types of coffee in one machine
Pump pressure 19 bar
Coffee cartridges support ground coffee and the following types of coffee in capsules:

  • Nespresso®*
  • Dolce Gusto®*
  • Lavazza Blue®*
  • Lavazza Modo Mio®*
  • Caffitali®*
  • Tchibo Cafissimo®*
  • Jacobs® (small capsules only) *
  • Lor®*
  • Filter for ground coffee

Simple operation with only 3 buttons
Espresso / small cup
Caffee lungo / Standard cup
Turn on turn off
Water container: 0.6 L
* trademark of another entity that is not related to Adler sp.z o.o
Power: 1450 W
Maximum power: 3000 W

If you are one of those people who cannot imagine a morning without black coffee or an afternoon without an aromatic cappuccino, the CAMRY CR 4414 multi-capsule espresso machine is the product for you. It takes up little space on the counter, looks elegant and allows you to prepare the most popular coffees.

Our machine allows you to prepare six different types of coffee in one device, which will satisfy household members with different taste preferences. It is functional because it has five cartridges for coffee capsules. Thanks to this, we are not limited to one brand of coffee, we can prepare our favorite drinks

Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza Blue, Lavazza Mondo Mio, Caffitali.

At the same time, the set also includes a filter for ground coffee, so it also has an option for traditionalists who appreciate the preparation of black coffee directly from ground beans.

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