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CHEMEX®, 1-2 cups

CHEMEX®, 1-2 cups

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Chemex is an excellent method of preparing coffee for cold winter days. It is not a new invention, but a way to prepare coffee that has been in use since 1941. It was created in the laboratory of German chemists.

The sophisticated design of the Chemex jug is suitable for brewing filter coffee at home or in a restaurant. The wide throat, which narrows towards the middle, is intended for the use of a paper filter. The throat also has a special deepened notch, which ensures that the coffee can be easily poured without spilling. The shape of the flask ensures that the aromas are trapped inside. Brewing coffee with a Chemex carafe will require a little more knowledge and practice. You know...practice makes perfect.

The Chemex mug is designed to also serve as a container for serving coffee. Its elegant design stands out wherever you place it. The jug's neck is surrounded by a wooden detail, which allows you to pour hot liquid without getting burned.

Volume: 450 ml

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