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The Legendary Camp Mug .35 L, Matte Black Pebble

The Legendary Camp Mug .35 L, Matte Black Pebble

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Stanley Classic Legendary Camp Mug 12 oz

Rediscover the authentic joy of camping with the legendary Stanley Classic Camp Mug, which combines superior quality, durability and iconic design. Designed to survive the toughest adventures, this mug is the ideal companion for any nature lover.


  • Legendary capacity: With a capacity of 12 oz, you'll enjoy the perfect dose of your favorite beverage, whether it's coffee, tea or hot chocolate.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed from quality stainless steel, this mug provides impact, scratch and rust resistance, making it suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Double wall with vacuum insulation: Your drink stays warm for longer, while the outer wall stays pleasantly cool to the touch.


  • From camping to everyday life: This universal mug is not just for camping; it becomes an indispensable companion at home, in the office or on trips.
  • Easy to maintain: Easy to clean and maintain, meaning you can focus on enjoying the moments without worry.


  • Classic Stanley look: An iconic design with a metal handle and a simple yet strong look that reflects the heritage of the Stanley brand.

Create unforgettable moments and indulge your love affair with nature with Stanley's reliable classic camping mug 12 oz. Choose quality that lasts.

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