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EUREKA Mignon Manuals

EUREKA Mignon Manuals

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Eureka Mignon Manuale 15BL - Elegant Performance for an Authentic Coffee Experience

The Eureka Mignon Manuale 15BL is a premium electric coffee grinder that boasts a combination of aesthetic design and precise functionality. This grinder is designed for real coffee lovers who appreciate full control over grinding, as it allows manual adjustment of the grinding level, adapted to your personal preferences.

Elegant Design and Ease of Use: Eureka Mignon Manuale 15BL boasts a modern and elegant design that can be placed in any kitchen or professional cafe. Its ease of use allows everyone to become their own master of grinding coffee, as it adapts to different tastes and aromas.

Manual Grinding Adjustment: By manually adjusting the grinding, you have complete control over the consistency of the coffee powder. You can adjust the level of grinding according to the type of coffee you use or according to the desired preparation of the drink. This allows each cup of coffee to become a unique experience.

Technical specifications:

  • Powerful Motor: 310W, which ensures reliable and efficient grinding.
  • Adjustable Grind Levels: Manually adjustable, allowing adjustment from the coarsest to the finest grind.
  • Knives diameter: 50 mm, which ensures uniform grinding of coffee beans.
  • Large Container for Coffee Beans: The container with a capacity of approximately 300 g enables longer grinding without constant refilling.
  • Stable Construction: With a weight of about 5.6 kg, the grinder is stable and durable.

The Eureka Mignon Manuale 15BL is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to perfect their coffee experience with full control over the grind and enjoy every sip of their favorite beverage. Please visit the dealer's official website for the latest information and to purchase.

Color: Matte Black

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