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Fellow Ode is an automatic coffee grinder for pour-over brewing methods. Prepare your V60, Chemex®, AeroPress® and more! The grinder includes a new blade version 1.1.

Why is it perfect for you?

Precise and easy grinding settings ⇒ coffee grinding for pour-over, French press, cold brew and other brewing methods.

Large 64 mm, flat, stainless steel knives in 1.1. ⇒ uniform and fast grinding guaranteed
Minimalistic, industrial design and high quality materials ⇒ looks great

Fellow Ode combines great design with functionality:

The grinding adjustment button is located on the front. You can choose one of 31 settings depending on the brewing method you use: AeroPress, dripper, Chemex, French Press or Cold Brew.

Ode features professional, large, 64mm, flat stainless steel blades that ensure consistent grinding at every setting.

The PID system ensures stable and smooth operation.

Automatic shutdown. The motor switches off automatically after grinding. The system detects when the coffee container is empty and switches off the grinder.

Tehnical specifications:

  • Volume of coffee bean container: 80 g
  • Aluminum container for ground coffee
  • Magnet for easier attachment of the ground coffee container
  • Material: Aluminum and plastic
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 239 x 105 x 241 mm
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