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The Fellow Prismo is a specially designed AeroPress® coffee machine attachment that turns the popular gadget into an espresso machine! Take your espresso wherever you want!


Although Prismo will not replace the thick doppio extracted on a professional espresso machine, the results are excellent! The ratio between price, ease of use and result is incomparable!

Coffee prepared with Prisma is characterized by a thick, big body and great intensity. It is similar to brews filled with a cafeteria or home espresso machine. Diluted with a little water, it becomes a delicious Americano!

How is PRISMO assembled?
The device consists of a threaded plastic element and a metal filter with holes with a diameter of 70 microns. A small valve is also installed inside the spout to prevent leakage from pressure.

1. Preheat the Aeropress with the Prism attached.
2. Grind 20 grams of coffee as for espresso (fine).
3. Discard the water, pour in the coffee, and then 50 - 60 ml of hot water (96 degrees Celsius).
4. Mix vigorously for 10 seconds.
5. After one minute, place the plunger on the durable cup and dive in!

*Fellow Prismo is not compatible with AeroPress Go.

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