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French Press - OLIVE WOOD, 600 ml

French Press - OLIVE WOOD, 600 ml

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French Press HARIO glass - with accessories of real OLIVE wood, with stainless glass inserts.

Volume 600 ml.

Also known as Melior , the coffee infusion we obtain from the French Press is tailor-made for you: due to its diversity, we obtain coffee of different intensities , depending on the infusion time . Comfortable, practical and easy to use, the French Press is ideal for the first approach to filter coffee .

Are you interested in the entire preparation process? CLICK!

The French Press can also be used to froth milk for a cappuccino or latte. How to do it?

The most important thing is heated milk (but not boiled, but it should be about 60-65 degrees, because it is the sweetest and foams easily).

After pouring the milk into the Cafe Press, beat it quite vigorously for about a minute with the help of an immersion blender.

Pull the plunger and stir, gently tap the jug on the table so as not to separate the milk and foam, then pour the milk into a cup of prepared coffee and enjoy the taste of a delicious cappuccino in the comfort of your home!

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