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HUNU Mug Reusable/Fold, 16 oz. Ocean

HUNU Mug Reusable/Fold, 16 oz. Ocean

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Hunu Reusable Fold 16 oz mug in charming ocean blue. This innovative mug combines durability, portability and practicality, ensuring a pleasant experience of enjoying your favorite beverage.

Technical details of the Hunu Reusable Fold Cup:

  1. Material: It is made of durable silicone rubber, which allows easy folding and adjustment according to your needs.

  2. Volume: The mug is 16oz (approx. 473ml), which is ideal for a variety of beverages, from coffee to tea.

  3. Collapsible: The innovative design allows the cup to be folded and compact, making it easy to carry in a bag or pocket.

  4. Color: The ocean blue color adds a refreshing and attractive look to the mug, allowing it to stand out and match a wide range of environments.

  5. Reusability: The cup is durable, easy to clean and suitable for multiple uses, which contributes to reducing waste.

  6. Lid with safety seal: The built-in lid with safety seal prevents liquid from spilling, which is especially important during transport.

The Hunu Reusable Fold cup in ocean blue is an excellent choice for those looking for a sustainable, functional and aesthetically appealing solution for enjoying their favorite beverage.

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