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HUNU Reusable/Fold, 12 oz., Charcoal

HUNU Reusable/Fold, 12 oz., Charcoal

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HUNU Reusable Fold 12oz Mug in Charcoal Black by Hunu:

Technical details of the Hunu Reusable Fold Cup:

  1. Material: The cup is made of durable silicone rubber, which allows it to be folded and adjusted to your needs.

  2. Capacity: With a capacity of 12 oz (approximately 355 ml), the mug is suitable for a variety of beverages, from coffee to tea.

  3. Collapsible: The innovative design allows the cup to be folded and compact, making it easy to carry in a bag or pocket.

  4. Color: The charcoal black color adds an elegant look to the mug while allowing it to match your style nicely.

  5. Reusability: The cup is durable, easy to clean and suitable for multiple uses, which contributes to reducing waste.

  6. Lid with safety seal: The built-in lid with safety seal prevents liquid from spilling, which is especially important during transport.

The Hunu Reusable Fold cup is an excellent solution for those who appreciate durability, mobility and functionality in their daily use of cups.

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