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Moka Express Black 6tz + 2 cups

Moka Express Black 6tz + 2 cups

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Bialetti set consisting of an aluminum coffee pot, Moka Express 6 tz and two ceramic mugs. Black, with copper Bialetti logo.

Moka Express in black, a refreshed version of the most classic model of the world's leading coffee manufacturer, Bialetti. This coffee table in its original colors is the product of a famous Italian manufacturer in the 1930s. Even today, it is the most popular moka model in the world, as evidenced by more than 200 million examples produced.

The Bialetti Moka Express 6tz model is used to prepare 6 cups of espresso at the same time. The total volume is 270 ml.

To prepare a real Italian espresso, all you need is this cafeteria, good coffee and a few minutes!
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