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TIMEMORE C3 PRO S2C Foldable handle, Hand grinder

TIMEMORE C3 PRO S2C Foldable handle, Hand grinder

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C2/C3 UPGRADED VERSION: Shares the same size but upgraded with new S2C steel blades taken from the Chestnut X, now in a smaller 38mm size. The new TIMEMORE CHESTNUT C3 PRO model, released in 2022, has a better cutting performance, ensuring that your coffee beans will be best expressed with constant and fast grinding.

FOLDING HANDLE: Our PRO series grinder is equipped with a patented spring supported handle that folds smoothly against the body. This innovative design not only prevents tipping, but also facilitates convenient storage, whether on your kitchen counter or in your suitcase.

POINT TO POINT COARSE ADJUSTMENT: Simply turn the knob to your preference from fine to coarser settings in almost half steps compared to the C2 (Espresso settings start about 8 steps back from the starting point); this hand grinder can be used for everything from espresso to pour over and french press.

INTEGRATED METAL BODY FOR LONGER DURABILITY: The aluminum alloy body makes the Timemore Grinder a great lightweight grinder for daily use, travel or camping. At the same time, durability is ensured by the turning handle, shaft and tapered stainless steel blades.

COMPACT YET PRACTICAL: Weighing around half a kilogram (473g), this device is the perfect size for easy handling and portability. Despite its small size, it has a capacity of 20-25 grams, which is sufficient for daily use, ensuring that you can easily prepare one or two cups.

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