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The Legendary Classic Bottle .75 L, Hammertone Green

The Legendary Classic Bottle .75 L, Hammertone Green

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Stanley Classic Legendary 25oz (approx 739ml) bottle. This bottle is part of the Stanley brand, which boasts a classic design, durability and the ability to keep your favorite beverages warm.

Technical details of the Stanley Classic Legendary bottle:

  1. Capacity: With a capacity of 25 oz, the bottle is ideal for keeping sufficient amounts of liquid during travel, camping or everyday activities.

  2. Material: It is made of durable stainless steel, which ensures resistance to corrosion, external damage and a long service life.

  3. Temperature retention: The double wall provides insulation that maintains the temperature of the drink - whether hot or cold - for a longer period.

  4. Reliable lid: The bottle has a tight closure that prevents the liquid from spilling and keeps the contents fresh.

  5. Versatility: It is suitable for various types of drinks, including coffee, tea, water or other beverages.

  6. Classic design: The classic exterior and recognizable design add to the aesthetics of the bottle.

The Stanley Classic Legendary 25 oz bottle is a practical and durable companion for anyone looking for a reliable bottle to keep their favorite beverages warm on the go.

  • Weight: 598 g
  • Capacity: 0.75L
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 89 x 89 x 298 mm

  • 18/8 stainless steel, BPA free
  • Double wall vacuum insulation
  • Impermeable + packing option
  • The insulated lid acts as a cup
  • Possibility of washing in the dishwasher
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