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TIAMO Spare lower glass, 10 tz

TIAMO Spare lower glass, 10 tz

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Spare glass for the Tiamo cold dripper with a capacity of 10 cups. This glass is designed for a refrigerator that allows for the preparation of cold drip coffee and is the perfect solution for maintaining and upgrading your coffee equipment.

Technical details of replacement glass for Tiamo 10-Cup Cold Dripper:

  1. Material: The glass is made of high-quality material that is resistant to temperature changes and ensures durability.

  2. Capacity: Designed for use with a 10-cup cold drip system, which allows for the preparation of a large amount of cold coffee at the same time.

  3. Interchangeability: As a spare part, it allows easy replacement of damaged or lost glass, extending the life of your cold drip system.

  4. Coffee quality: The glass preserves the purity of the coffee taste, neutral smell and colorless appearance, which allows you to enjoy the perfect taste of cold coffee.

  5. Easy maintenance: Glass is easy to clean, which contributes to maintaining the quality and hygiene of your coffee equipment.

The replacement glass for the Tiamo 10-Cup Cold Dripper is a practical solution for the maintenance and optimal operation of your cold drip coffee system, ensuring a fresh and delicious cold coffee experience.

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