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TIMEMORE C3S MAX Foldable handle, Hand grinder

TIMEMORE C3S MAX Foldable handle, Hand grinder

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With a capacity of 30g (1.06oz), the Timemore Chestnut C3s MAX can hold 50% more than other grinders in the C3 series. This means you can grind enough coffee for yourself and your friends.

With its graduated grind setting, the Chestnut C3s MAX lets you easily achieve the perfect coarseness for your favorite coffee brewing method. Whether you are preparing French Press, Pourover or Espresso, the C3s MAX will always satisfy you.

With a practical folding handle and upgraded Spike-to-Cut (S2C) 660 blades, based on the popular S2C 860 blades in the Chestnut X model, with a hardness of HRC-55-58, the Chestnut C3s MAX gives you excellent cutting performance. This allows your coffee beans to get the most out of their flavor with a constant and fast grind, while preserving the flavor of your coffee beans.

The Timemore C3s MAX hand grinder has been upgraded to an all metal aluminum alloy body with no plastic parts inside, built for precision grinding and durability. Equipped with a double bearing, the C3s MAX makes the grinding process more detailed and the coffee grounds more uniform.

With a diameter of 53 mm (2.09 in) and a weight of 585 g (20.6 oz), the Chestnut C3s MAX is easy to hold and carry, with a capacity of 30 g (1.06 oz), enough for two or three cups of coffee .

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