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Toddy Artisan Kit, Cold brewer

Toddy Artisan Kit, Cold brewer

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With this set, you will be able to prepare clean, smooth and aromatic cold-brewed coffee or tea without small particles and unpleasant acidity.

Prepare 500 ml of refreshing cold brew in a convenient brewing and storage container that fits neatly in the door of most refrigerators. Place the open filter in the brewing container. Pour tea or ground coffee into the filter, then water and close with the lid. Leave at room temperature or in the refrigerator for 8-24 hours. When the brew is ready, grasp the top of the filter with a tongs and place it in the basket above the bowl to drain.

Ready to serve!

The set is easy to maintain, sturdy and BPA-free.

The set contains:
- A vessel for welding
- Silicone cover
- Filter basket
- Gripper
- 12 paper filters for composting

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