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Able Brewing

V60 02, INOX filter

V60 02, INOX filter

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The Able Kone Mini is a reusable stainless steel coffee filter for the Hario V60-02. The Kone Mini is durable and a great replacement for a paper filter.


- Thanks to the ring, it remains completely stable.

- An organic alternative - brews a full-bodied cup of coffee, rich in oils and flavors that are usually trapped by paper filtration, and does not cause unwanted flavors. Unlike paper filters, no paper waste is generated when using the Kone Mini. Simply rinse and repeat.

- Constructed from a single piece of precision-welded, photoetched stainless steel and an injection-molded, food-safe polymer support ring, the Kone Mini is built to withstand the daily demands of the coffee shop and your home.

- A quick rinse and occasional scrubbing keeps the Kone Mini in excellent condition. Unlike other reusable filters that are made of cloth, mesh and gimmicks, the Kone Mini's sleek single-layer design prevents oil and sediment build-up.

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